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Physicians & Medical Professionals.

Physicians & Medical Professionals.

Does This Sound Like You?

“I’d rather have my eyeballs tattooed than talk about my investments!” 

“I look at patient outcomes to determine my success. Not the size of my wallet.” 

“Not knowing what to do with my finances is embarrassing. It’s hard to say I need help.”

“Knowledge is not enough to prevent and treat disease. People generally don’t develop heart disease because they lack knowledge. They develop heart disease because of the difficulty in making healthy choices. Managing my finances makes me feel like one of my cardiac patients…. I have a tough time making the right choices.”

For Physicians, money is the ultimate taboo topic. But here is the issue, by not addressing it it’s like not addressing an ailment. Most likely, it’s not going to heal without some treatment. That’s where I can help. 

I started working with Physicians from a friends referral. 

A few years after I launched my practice, a friend of mine came to me and wanted me to speak with a friend of his who is a Physician. Right out of the gate, the Physician told me he was feeling behind in saving for himself and his family, he was getting crushed in taxes, and he felt stressed because he wasn’t in control. He told me that he was never taught in Med School, residency, or in his practice how to manage his finances. Once he got to his medical practice, he was too focused on patient outcomes so managing his own finances took a back seat. It was clear he needed some guidance. But as a Physician in a high position, he was having a tough time finding someone that would work with him at his pace, on his time, and who made sure to but his interests first. We’ve worked together for years now, and during that time he’s shared with me that he went to Med School, not Financial Literacy School. 

We want you to feel empowered with your financial future. 

Not a Medical Professional 

Not a Medical Professional but would like to chat? Unlike most firms, we will never look at you like you are a dollar sign. We are not going to turn someone away if they ask us for help. We aren’t a fit for everyone, but we are going to try to help everyone who asks for our help.

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