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Eric Mangold, CWS Founder, Financial Professional

Eric Mangold, CWS Founder, Financial Professional

Eric’s passion for helping people financially started early. When Eric was in his early 20’s, his father became disabled, Eric saw how much help his parents needed not only medically, but also financially. They needed someone to talk to who could advise them on the right financial moves to make that were unique to what they were going through, but there wasn’t someone who could look at every area where they needed guidance.

Right from the start of his practice, Eric felt he was making an impact and helping his clients.

After a few years, a friend introduced him to a physician, and he saw how much needed to be done to set up the doctor on the appropriate financial path. Now the main focus of his practice is helping physicians, “from residency through retirement.”

From his work with physicians, he’s learned what is NOT being taught in medical school- how to manage your finances. That’s where he comes in- to help physicians make the best financial decisions to help them not only grow but to protect their wealth.

In his spare time, Eric coaches baseball, soccer and ice hockey for his kids and also enjoys playing ice hockey, snowboarding, supporting Philadelphia sports teams and spending time with his family. He currently resides in Westfield, NJ with his wife, Elysia, and their three children, Anna, Dylan and Drew.